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鈻綜ompany introduction
Antsguard was founded in 2003. It mainly produces floor washing machines, sweepers, carpet
cleaning and other cleaning equipment. We are committed to being the guardian of global human environmental health.
After more than ten years of continuous efforts and innovation, we have a controllable and  perfect system for raw
material supply, production, processing and assembly,finished product inspection and packaging inspection, so as to
ensure the machine capability of every ant guardMeet customer needs, durable!
We also provide OEM, ODM, welcome more partners to join our antsguard family!
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鈻?span style="font-size: 16px; font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif;">Why choose us?
鈥?nbsp;Sincerely agent Focus on clean solutions for 20 years!
鈥?OEM processing services.
鈥?Independent research and development design.
鈥?Own production plant.
鈥?Production area of 1600 square meters.
鈥?Storage area of 1200 square meters.
鈥?Handheld vacuum cleaners(wired,wireless,brushless).
鈥?Products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions.
鈥?At present,we have 300+agents.
Our services
鈥mple supply of goods
The existing production area is 1,600 square meters,the storage area is 1,200
square meters,and the production capacity is 6W units/month.
鈥EM/ODM Provide
OEM/ODM service independent research and development design,own factory
production, source supply!Support small batch customization and labeling,
The price is low and the quality is high.
鈥gent to join in
We give you brand authorization,primary source of goods,minus the
difference to maximize the profit.
鈥erfect after sale
Whether at home or as our agent,our technical team and after-sales team
will help you solve any problem as soon as possible!
High quality products
鈥?nbsp;Upgraded LED front lights
The 4 sets of LED front lights ensure that you won't miss any dirt. Built-in soft nylon
bristles and  bristles preform well on hard floors and rugs in terms of dust and small
flat paper, glitter,etc.
鈥?nbsp;Detachable extension tube
There is no power cord,the cordless vacuum cleaner tube can be adjustable in length.
Even allows you to reach ceiling fans and dead corners You can clean the entire living
room or bedroom.
鈥?nbsp;High efficiency filtration system
Captures 99.99% of fine particles and bacteria,no allergens vented,keeps the air clean
and fresh.The filters are washable, durable and easy to clean.
鈥?nbsp;Large capacity lithium battery
With built-in 2200mAh lithium-ion battery,provides up to 40 minutes run time.In
normal mode it can last up to 40 minutes and in maximum mode up to 33 minutes.
鈥?nbsp;you can quickly clean off dust,hair,crumbs,etc.Starch level is suitable for cleaning coffee
beans and cat litter from floors and rugs.
鈥?nbsp;150W of power and 2200mAh lithium-ion battery.4 different vacuum cleaner feet with light.
Cleaning for different floors,sofas and cars.Also for different waste.For example,nuts, grains,etc.
customer evaluation
Our products are exported to more than 60 countries and regions such as Europe
and the United States,and have won unanimous praise from customers!
Online Service
Welcome to contact us | Working time 24 hours锛?nbsp;
Company Name:Shaanxi Antsguard Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.most backpack vacuum cleaner price