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Product Description
ModelSMT-A10Max Range per charge15-20Km
Voltage100~240VType Of TyreSolidtyre 8"*2
Motor power250W*2Pedal height100MM
VoltageDomestic Lithium battery 36V/3.6AHAccessoriesCharger, manual, withlight, blue-tooth-linkedspeaker
Climbing angle10掳-30掳Prudoct Weight8.5KG
Max Load120KgProduct size600*200*185MM
Max speed10~15Km/hCertificationCE
Charging time1-2HourCarton size640*235*225MM
Product Manual
鈼?The smart balance car turned out to be fully upgraded.
鈼?Product structure upgrade, power system upgrade, intelligent system upgrade, entertainment system upgrade.
鈼?Thicken and strengthen the alloy chassis, one-piece reinforced hard handle, ABS to strengthen the body.
鈼?One-piece reinforced handle, easy to lift, one hand can be lifted, lift and go, easy to carry.
鈼?ABS strengthens the anti-impact body, the exquisite craftsmanship is full of texture, using ABS resin material, the fuselage has smooth lines and is tougher and firmer. The overall adopts a high chassis and low pedaling body, which greatly improves passability and safety in use.
鈼?It adopts 18650 power lithium battery, which has high energy density, strong stability, energy saving and power saving, improving the cruising range, saving energy and saving electricity.
鈼?High-power brushless motor, surging power to help you move forward, noiseless and high performance.
鈼?Power-on self-balance, all-in-one, intelligent balance, sensitive steering, just right gravity, balanced riding, free control.
鈼?High-fidelity Bluetooth, a walking CD, uses Bluetooth 5.0 output, with speakers, connects the car to the mobile phone, and plays music anytime and anywhere.
鈼?The details are full of ingenuity, all-round intimate care, unique LED lighting, non-slip thickened pedals, power display, accurate display of real-time power parameters.
鈼?With multiple protection functions, we have solved your worries one by one to escort your riding.Balance Car Made in China