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Anti-virus kn95 face mask is personal protective equipment which can effectively prevent the spread of viruses and droplets.
It has five layers, including two- layer non-woven fabric, two-layer melt blown fabric and one layer of hot air cotton.
The production process of anti-virus kn95 face mask is very complicated as there is metal strip embedded inside or outside the mask.
1. Comfortable & Breathable
This mask is specially designed which is 3D design. This makes mask comfortable. The material adopts high quality non-woven and meltblown which maks it breathable.
2. 95% High Filtration Standards
All the filter efficiency indicators are above 95%, effective dust prevention, PM2.5 industry, particulate matter, irritant gas, haze, automobile exhaust, pollen, etc. Ideal for haze, fog, daily use.
3. Great Design
It is 3D new design. The apparence and inside are all properly design for people waring.
4. Widely Used
KN95 has a wide use range which can be used outdoors in plaza, garden, park, etc.
Use time depends on the environment
Good conditionChange new one after 40 hours use
Light pollutionChange new one after 20 hours use
Moderate pollutionChange new one after 12 hours use
Heavy pollutionChange new one after 8 hours use
Serious pollutionChange new one after 4 hours use
When you feel a significant increase in breathing resistance, or the mask is dirty or damaged, you need to discard it as a whole
Use method
Step 1: Hold the mask with a earloop, make sure it covers the mouth and nose. Put the earloop on the ears.
Step 2: Open the mask, make mouth nose close to the cover. Press noise bridge close to nose and face.
Step 3: Remove the mask and grab the earloop and take it off.
Step 4: Check the use condition of KN95, if use time is suitable for next time use. Put it in plastic bag for storage.
Step 5: Wash hands thoroughly with soap.
1. Check the integrity of respiratory protective equipment before use. Any cracks or damages found should be scrapped immediately, and no further use is allowed. 鈥傗€傗€傗€?/p>
2. Check the applicability of the filter element. The performance of the filter element must be compatible with the environmental hazards and harmful factors. If it is not applicable, it should be replaced immediately. 鈥傗€傗€傗€?/p>
3. Before entering the harmful environment, wear respiratory protective equipment. Respiratory protective equipment should always be worn in hazardous environments. 鈥傗€傗€傗€?/p>
4. When you feel odor, cough, irritation, nausea, and significant increase in respiratory resistance during use, you must leave the harmful environment immediately, and check the breathing equipment, remove the fault in time or replace the new equipment before entering the harmful environment again. 鈥傗€傗€傗€?/p>
5. KN95 face masks are strictly forbidden to be dismantled and changed at will. 鈥傗€傗€傗€?/p>
6. It is strictly forbidden to clean and reuse the filter element of the KN95 mask. 鈥傗€傗€傗€?/p>
7. KN95 masks should be stored in a clean, dry, free from oil, direct sunlight and corrosive gases.
Q: Are you manufacture or trading company?
A: We are professional manufacture of face mask.
Q: What's MOQ on face mask?
A: MOQ is 500 pcs.
Q: What certifications do you have ?
A: We've got FDA, CE NB2163 and GB2626-2006, GB/T32610-2016.
Q: Which kind of face mask can you supply?
A: We supply KN95, disposable face mask, disposable medical face mask, children face mask.
Q: What's your payment term?
A: 50% payment before production, 50% payment before shipment.
Q: What is the delivery time?
A: Delivery time depends on order quantity. Normally, delivery is as follows:
100,000 takes 1-2 days
500,000 takes 2-3 days
1,000,000 takes 3-5 days.
Q: Can you ship to my address? How much is air cost?
A: Pls send us your shipping address, then we will calculate the shipping cost for you.
Q: Is it available to do customization?
A: We are able customer face mask for customer and it need to print customer's logo on bag. But customized orders need to produce new packing bags, which takes at least 5-7 days for customized bags.KN95 Face Mask